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This article describes the process to migrate from ZipWhip to Text Request for SMS texting.

ZipWhip will be shutting down effective Friday, December 1, 2023. All current ZipWhip customers MUST have migrated their data prior to this date or ZipWhip data will NOT be accessible for inclusion in Text Request. If you do not migrate your data, you can still use Text Request but all previous ZipWhip data will be lost.

More information on the ZipWhip shutdown can be found here.

Text Request Functionality and Support

FASTTRAK has selected Text Request as the replacement to ZipWhip. Text Request is one of the Twilio recommended migration options and in our opinion, the best choice to align with the FASTTRAK platform. Text Request includes all the functionality of Zip Whip and additional functionality to help your operation succeed. However, the user experience is slightly different and will take a little getting used too. 

To help get you started, Text Request offers a wide variety of training and help guides and a robust support department. Once your account has been provisioned and you have been sent your login credentials to Text Request, you will have access to all Text Request support options.

Support Contacts

FASTTRAK will manage all billing and setup for your Text Request account. If you have any questions on billing and setup, 

please contact Additional content is available on the FASTTRAK Support site.

Text Request will manage all functionality and Zip Whip migration questions. If you require Text Request support, please contact Additional content is available on the Text Request Help Site.

Zip Whip to Text Request Migration Process

 The process to migrate you number and data to Text Request is very straightforward and includes the following steps:

  1. Schedule migration time with FASTTTRAK
    • Recommended 4PM ET Monday-Thursday
    • Send FASTTRAK required business information
  2. Setup of user Text Request credentials
    • FASTTRAK will setup your Text Request account. You do NOT have to setup a Text Request account!
    • FASTTRAK will send primary user credentials and confirm ability to login to Text Request
    • Additional users setup after migration
    • Operator confirms ability to login 
  3. Text Request Sends LOA (Letter of Authorization) to Primary Contact and Schedules Port of Number
    • FASTTRAK schedules port of number with text request
    • Text Request will send LOA to primary contact to complete and return, digitally signed.
  4. Port Number (as scheduled)
    • Text Request initiates port request with ZipWhip per schedule
      • The port is usually automatic, however, delays do occur.
      • In the event of a hold or delay, Text Request will ask FASTTRAK to contact you the operator to expedite the port.
      • In this case, you will need to contact ZipWhip and inform them that the port request has been initiated and you authorize porting of the SMS portion of the number.
      • In general, the port occurs within 1-2 hours after it has been expedited.
    • ZipWhip available for In/Out until port is completed 
    • Once port is complete, all texting is through Text Request Application (App, Browser, chrome plug-in)
  5. FASTTRAK configures FASTTRAK account/software for Text Request
    • Text Request informs FASTTRAK that port is complete
    • FASTTRAK configures operator database for Text Request
    • 15 minute switchover time to become active
  6. Run Text Request ZipWhip migration
    • FASTTRAK will run ZipWhip to Text Request migration
    • Although SMS is flowing. all ZipWhip data (contacts, groups, previous SMS, etc.) is not available within Text Request until the migration is run
    • Migration can take anywhere from minutes to up to 24 hours depending on the data to transfer.
    • Status provided by Zip Whip migration tool
  7. Contact Zip Whip to cancel service
    1. Do NOT cancel ZipWhip until the migration is completed
    2. FASTTRAK will inform you when it is safe to cancel 

Given the 1-3 hour downtime and the Text Request port department only available 7AM - 7PM ET, it is recommended that operators schedule their migration before 4PM Monday through Thursday.

The expected downtime when porting your SMS number should be 1-3 hours. All ZipWhip SMS operations will continue to work up until the number is actually ported (this exact time is unknown and dependent on someone at ZipWhip accepting the port and completing the port request). 

Once ported, it is usually 15 minutes to an hour for FASTTRAK texting to start working, but you will have access to the new Text Request application and features during this time.

Additional Information