This article will describe how to map your vehicle types to be able to send and receive reservations electronically using: eAffiliate, GNET, Deem/Transponet and Groundspan. 

To send and receive electronic reservations from other companies the VEHICLE MAPPING needs to be set up.

Go to SYSTEM SETUP and select the INTEGRATED AFFILIATES & APIs option.

In the following area select the EXTERNAL VEHICLE TYPE MAPPING tab.

The list displayed will be the list of Vehicle Types you have entered in your VEHICLE TYPE list.  Since different operators name vehicle types based on their operational procedures you will need to map the vehicle types you wish to send and receive to a universal type.  The companies sending or receiving to or from you will also need to map their vehicle types to the same web service type.  Since you may send and receive with multiple users you have the ability to add multiple web service types to your vehicle types to accommodate the various methods other companies may map their vehicles.  

To MAP THE VEHICLE types, click on the cell under PRIMARY VEHICLE TYPE next to your vehicle type and select the appropriate WEB SERVICE TYPE.  Do the same for SECONDARY VEHICLE TYPE as necessary. 

You can also clear the mappings using the three dot option to the right.

See the image below for a comprehensive list of all available web service types and the ID which your

integrated partner may refer to instead of the actual names.