User and Role Setup

Audience: Owner/CEO, General Manager, Operations 
Read Time: 15 Minutes

This guide will provide an overview of ADDING new users to the system to access:  InVision, Ultimate and use the Driver APP.

To access the USER AND ROLE MANAGEMENT area, under the FT Menu in upper left select System, Company & User Setup then select GLOBAL USER SECURITY.

In the following window use the ADD option in lower right.

To create the user you will need an email address, First Name and Last Name.

Select from the drop down list the predefined Security Role for the user.  (SEE ATTACHED FILE OF PREDEFINED SECURITY ROLES)

Select what the user will have access to:  Ultimate,  InVision, Express or Driver APP.  (If the user is a driver and has no other roles in the organization then the only option selected should be to Enable User As A Driver Account)

Company Security is used if you have more than one company operating in your FASTTRAK program and you want to limit the user to ONLY have access to the Customers, reservations and reports of only one of the companies.  If the users have access to all you do not need to check any of the options.  

If you have selected the user to be a driver you will need to connect the user to the driver profile in the Employee area.  Use the drop down to select the driver and save.

There are predefined user roles established in the FASTTRAK program for you to select.  All of these roles may be modified once selected as the user role.  NOTE:  The roles that say SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR can not be modified and have full access to the entire program.  

To edit the permissions of a user click on the EDIT ULTIMATE PERMISSIONS option.  The following window will show you the current permissions for the user.  You can now REMOVE a permission or APPLY a new permission from the available list.  The available list will display all permissions the role does not CURRENTLY have.

In addition to adding and deleting a user and editing their permissions you are also able to change their roles as well as assist them should they forget their password.  By clicking on the EDIT option you can either provide them a TEMP password or SEND them a password.