Fasttrak has released new functionality which allows automatic completion of addresses and venues based on entered text, powered by Google. This functionality is currently available on the Reservation form and will be rolled out to other areas of the Fasttrak product suite in the future. This guide will describe the primary functionality as well as how you can tailor this functionality to your Fasttrak needs.


Autocomplete is enabled by default with the February 2017 release. If necessary, you can disable all autocomplete functionality from System Global Settings.

Autocomplete Bias

The autocomplete functionality will bias results to a specific region. The region is based on the company address for the given reservation. For example, if the reservation is targeting a company which operated in South Florida, results will bias towards addresses within 100 miles of that company location. However, if more specific text has been entered, it will be possible to return results outside of the geographic area.

The company address information is looked up the first time the company is selected within a reservation. If the company address cannot be located by Google, a warning similar to the one below will be shown. 


In this case, either correct the company address and try again, or manually populate the bias information under the Company  Setup menu option, shown below. 

Reservation Form

Once enabled, the reservation form will show the Google icon and street 1 of the pickup and dropoff addresses will autocomplete addresses. The autocomplete functinality will load a total of 5 recommendations after a brief pause of typing and after at least 3 characters have been entered. 


You can select an address by clicking on it, or navigating via the arrow keys on your keyboard. Additionally, you can tab to select the first option and move to the next field. Otherwise, you can click the top-right X button or hit the escape key to close and not select a suggested address.

If an address is selected, it will automatically populate all remaining fields with the corresponding address information. Additionally, if a venue is selected from the list, the venue name will populate in the Pick-Up/Drop-Off text box.


If no recommendations were found using the entered text, the textbox will decorate with a red background.

On any given reservation form, the autocomplete functionality can be disabled by clicking on the google icon. Once disabled, autocomplete will be disabled for that form only.



Inline Bias for Autocomplete

Sometimes it may be necessary to search for an address that falls well outside the company location. By default, suggestions will be returned for the biased location of the company. In this case, you will want to provide an inlne bias to target results in a different area. You can lead with country, state or county information. In the first example below, the company is setup in Phoenix, AZ. Entering “Hyatt” will show results in Phoenix only. If the dispatch use wanted to target Florence, Italy for example, they could lead with “IT Florence Hyatt” to bias to that location, as shown in the second example.


No Leading Bias (local results returned)

Leading Bias (targeted location results returned)