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This article will describe updates to the FASTTRAK Platform (i.e. Release Notes).

Click here to see specific release notes to the InVision application.

August 2023 Update (v20.2023.0800.x, released 8/2023 )

Platform changes (all clients and services)

  • Added Affiliate Pay auto-calculation support, similar to Employee Pay auto-calculation
  • Added support for roll-up GEO pricing: Incremental Distance and Duration can be configured to "roll-up" into a single Base rate instead of individual line items.
  • Added Payment Web support for Profile Customer Deposits, Corporate Deposits and Invoice Payments.
  • Added ability to "hide" selected variable rates from drivers. Also included is a non-driver amount independent from total charges amount on the reservation form to show the amount the driver sees on the Trip Ticket as compared to total charges within the reservation
  • Added change log support for customer profile change on reservation
  • Removed the ability to change customer on affiliate reservations, not supported in down-stream integrations
  • Added the ability to select charter-level documents when sending communication for a charter leg reservation
  • Added social link options to company information in support of future Customer Portal functionality
  • Added new settings for new version of the Customer Portal:
    • New color theme options
    • New custom widget and CSS support
  • Changed default for automated statement runs to NOT include zero-balance invoices
  • Fixed issue where setting to send/not send SMS pre-trip reminders to drivers was not being respected
  • Resolved issue where reservation ID's greater then 1M were causing issues in passenger trip links; i.e.


  • Added pick-up and drop-off to employee pay reports
  • Added sort by last name on driver pay reports
  • Added trip notes to trip invoice estimate


  • Added Prompt to update garage time if scheduled pick-up is modified from reservation form.
  • Added customer contact information to booking summary report (in support of external communication requirements)
  • Resolved issue where when sending a quote, it was sending to more options than selected
  • Resolved a few support/help links within the exe
  • Added the ability to send charter documents from Ultimate (Driver Itinerary, Customer Itinerary, etc.)
  • Fixed issue where Web Service User permissions were not editable after initial save 
  • Fixed issue with order of send options in Send dialog for corporate contacts
  • Added out-of-service feedback when changing out-of-service details of a vehicle so operator will know if out of service vehicle is assigned to future reservations

February 2023 Update (v20.2023.0200.x, released 2/2023 )


Added Payment Requests support via Email and SMS

  • The ability to send a customer (or specific email/SMS) a request for payment.
  • The payment request via email or SMS includes a link to a website where the external customer can enter credit card information securely
  • The credit card is charged and the payment is held under the related reservation as a Reservation Deposit for payment when the reservation is invoiced in billing
  • To access, click the Deposits button within a reservation and select the Payments Request tab
  • A list of all requests can be reviewed within the Communications Queue area

Payment Request Support from Reservation Form -> Deposits

Payment Request list in Communications Queue

Payment Portal UI

  • Added feedback on Credit Card form in Customer/Corporate profile forms on whether the Credit Card is expired or expiring soon. This provides some insight to users without having to view all credit card information; entering credentials and log credit card view audits for PCI compliance
  • Added additional details to Send Email forms email options displaying type/origin of email (customer, passenger, contact, etc.)
  • Added username to Adjustment reports
  • Added dispatch status to change log
  • Added +- 18 hour option to dispatch search/display options
  • Added passenger email selection added to Email Invoice Form option list
  • Added support for communication platform and integration of Twilio SMS inboxes. See the site for more information.
  • Added permission check in email queue to disallow users to view pay report if they don't have pay permissions
  • Modified functionality: Billing Start and Billing End are now required in billing. Not setting these values can cause downstream issues in invoicing.
  • Modified Functionality: Invoice items can no longer be removed from a cancelled invoice. This was causing issues with the billing assemble invoice item process.
  • Resolved issue where unassign of an affiliate driver also removed the affiliate and sent an unassigned SMS communication. Instead, the affiliate driver is removed but the affiliate remains assigned with no communication.
  • Resolved issue with contract text UI display when sending Trip Manifest from multiple documents
  • Resolved issue with Billing -> Get Completed operation where an error was thrown when estimated hours was not set correctly, generally via API/Web Service integrations
  • Resolved issue where Flight Tracking lead time and window settings were not saved correctly in database

  • Added support for a condensed manifest option from Send multiple documents area
  • Added ability to include the open Profile Deposit List on Trip Estimates when sending from Multiple Documents area
  • Added a new setting to show/hide Tax % on Tax items for confirmations

November 2022 Update (v20.2022.1000.x, released 10/2022 )

Platform-level Updates

General (all applications)

  • GEO Block Pricing support. GEO pricing was extended to include support for blocks of minutes or miles/kilometers instead of incremental per minute/mile calculations. 
    • Example: A 15 mile trip lasts 30 minutes.
      • GEO Block Pricing: 
        • Configured to charge $10.00 for every 10 miles
        • Configured to charge $50.00 for every 30 minutes
        • Trip cost = $20 + $50 = $70
      • GEO Incremental Pricing:
        • Configured to charge $1.00 for every 1 mile
        • Configured to charge $2.00 for every 1 minute
        • Trip cost = $15 + $60 = $45
  • Account Closed Support: In addition to inactive customers, you can now set customers to be closed.
    • Inactive: Hidden from default view but available for new reservations
    • Closed: Hidden from default view and NOT Available for new reservations.
  • Added Driver Pay % of Subtotal setting when calculating driver pay
  • New Flight Tracking Settings: Added the ability to increase the frequency of checks and the time to look ahead when checking flight status (may increase flight check costs to operator).
  • Added Quality Rating to Driver Selection dropdown
  • Added Username mapping to Change Log for Express and Driver generated logs.
  • Increased size of Daily Notes field
  • Increased size of Customer/Corporate profiles notes fields
  • Added Exclude from Billing selection to Change Log
  • Redirected all help files to FASTTTRAK support (

Driver App

  • Driver Rejects of trips will now be captured as an incident in the reservation. As before, the status will continue to be set to Trip Confirmed and Driver Dispatch Status set to "Rejected by Driver".

Email/SMS Notifications

  • Added the ability to add/customize additional text sent with pre-trip communication (may increase overall SMS cost).


  • Added Reservation ID and last 4 digits of credit card on Deposit Receipt


  • Resolved issue with high numbered reservations and ability to track progress of trip via passenger trip link and Crew App


  • Resolved invalid status result for DEEM Transponet requests that violate lead times in operator database.
  • Default customer settings better supported when created via legacy SOAP API and subsequent integrations (GNet, DEEM, Groundspan, etc.)

FASTTRAK Ultimate Desktop

  • Removed Driver Dispatch Status when reservation is copied and/or repeated
  • Resolved issue where booker notifications for disabled contacts were being sent inadvertently
  • Resolved issue where clearing an affiliate was not clearing affiliate equipment and causing issue when assigning other drivers.
  • Added the ability to review available deposits from the underlying profile when in the reservation deposits view (for comparison and notification purposes only).
  • Added customer defaults to Customer importer process when migrating to FASTTRAK
  • Changed auto-send behavior for quotations. Quotations will ALWAYS prompt to send regardless of underlying auto-send confirmation settings.
  • Resolved issue with repeat operation when persisting driver, not setting driver type correctly (employee/affiliate) which caused downstream issue with driver selection timeframe/hours detail on driver assignment dropdown/grid.
  • Added Vehicle ID to mileage report
  • Modified Send Invoice to not include passenger email for default selection.

June 2022 Update (v20.2022.0500.x, released 06/2022 )

Platform-level Updates


  • Support for adding a limited number of Support Documents to a reservation. These documents will then be available to send along with various send screens.
  • Support for Fixed Charge Item overrides at the Fixed Rate/P2P level. You now have the ability to adjust a fixed charge items default cost dependent on which flat rate/P2P it matches.
  • Minor backend updates to real time flight status check to limit updates based on status

Email/SMS Notifications

  • Quote reminders can now be sent automatically on a nightly basis. Once enabled, they can be sent every x days prior to trip. See Quotation Notification settings in System Settings to configure.
  • Email queue will now show the customer mail sent/received status on sent messages (e.g. sent, bounced, mailbox not available, email address does not exists, email server down, etc.)
  • Minor changes were made to SMS messages to limit the text length and overall SMS costs.
  • Resolved issue where reservation updates were always sending passenger SMS when status was En route or On Location.
  • Incoming SMS will now look at affiliate drivers when deciphering the from entity


  • Charter documents sent to customers will now use customer legs only when displaying date information on itinerary and confirmation. Previously, these documents used all legs including internal non-customer support legs (i.e. deadhead, driver swap, etc.).
  • Added new settings for invoices:
    • Show/hide Pick-up Time
    • Show/Hide Drop-off Time
  • Updated order of trip ticket audit times on invoice
  • Trip Ticket arrival/departure info and pickup time will now be highlighted
  • Company filter support added to pay reports
  • Added affiliate driver information on Dispatch Manifest when affiliate driver is assigned.


  • Added longer timeout to dispatch dashboard so refresh can be used for up to 12 hours

FASTTRAK Ultimate Desktop

  • Saving a quote will now prompt to send quote document to customer (similar to current booked functionality)
  • Additional Payment Methods and Options added (e.g. Venmo, Zelle, etc.)
  • Added additional details to Send SMS screen to describe number of segments and messages that include non-standard characters (i.e. more expensive to send).
  • Adding a passenger from the profile passenger list will now default additional passenger notes field.
  • Company name now required on pay items
  • When updating an arrival/departure reservation where scheduled pickup is moved to a different day, the flight time will be moved automatically with a prompt to confirm flight time on the reservation form. Additionally, outdated real-time status info will be reset accordingly.
  • Actual/informative GNet error will now be shown to users when farming out to GNet (e.g. Pick-up address not set, etc.)
  • Added additional functionality to send Trip Tickets including manual address, notes, attachments, etc.
  • Inactive vehicles were removed from the Vehicle Revenue Analysis reports
  • UI will now only allow a single window for any given reservation edit.
  • Resolved issue where copying a reservation would allow the user to inadvertently remove a copied reservation if multiple windows were open.
  • Minor change to allow scheduled pickup edit on reservation form when in billing area.
  • Resolved minor display issue in reservation form where reservation form was hiding part of the auto-complete address box.
  • Added the ability to group and aggregate row data in the employee pay field for additional grid/reporting functionality
  • Added number of segments to SMS queue
  • Added scheduled pickup column to Digital Signature queue
  • Reservation form => Ordered by will not default cell # when selected
  • Resolved issue with company security and the ability to edit from search results
  • Resolved issue where vehicle type in change log was incorrect when pricing plan was changed on edit
  • Added the ability to update real-time flight status manually via the right-click detail form for arrivals and departures.
  • Resolved issue where automated messages sometimes concatenated email addresses causing a failure
  • Removed obsolete Livery # from Dispatch grid (license info supersedes this)
  • Minor updates to Login History display including InVision, Express, IP Address, etc.

Customer Portal

  • Added Ordered By selection support for corporate contacts creating reservations. The value will default to current contact, but can be changed as necessary in support of the reservation (i.e. notifications, etc.)
  • Minor adjustments to calendar control on mobile devices (previously blocked user input on IOS)
  • Resolved issue where user updates to profile would set some settings back to their defaults.
  • Resolved issue where Customer Portal profile changes were not being logged in Change Log

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