InVision allows the user to create and save custom grid views.  This functionality is available and primarily used on the Dispatch View but is also available in other areas within the InVision program.

To create a Custom Grid View on the Dispatch Grid first use the COLUMN CHOOSER on the right side of the grid.  Once you have selected the columns to view you can also re-order them by dragging and dropping any of the columns.  This allows the user to create a custom view for their usage.  NOTE: The user is allowed to save multiple different views.  One of them will be marked as the DEFAULT.  This will be the view the user sees when first logging in.  To access any of the other views use the option to select any of the other saved views.  If there is a view that you want to share with other users mark it as a GLOBAL view.  This allows other users to also view that Custom View.

After the Grid View has been created click on the icon in upper right to add a column layout.

Name the grid layout and click on ADD.  

To add a different or additional saved view click on the ADD CURRENT LAYOUT AS NEW.

If the Grid layout is marked as DEFAULT this will be the view which is displayed when logging in.  If you want to change, make a different view as default, allow it to be used by other users (GLOBAL) or delete, use the three dot menu to the right of the named grid view.