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This article describes recent updates to the FASTTRAK InVision Web Application.

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Includes support for all platform-level features, discussed here (summarized below).

2023-08 :: Incremental Releases 

In addition to August 2023 platform changes discussed here:

2023-08-23 (InVision v20.2023.0800.1)

  • Added customer profile pricing notes to reservation form
  • Increased performance of GEO quoting in reservation form rate engine
  • Resolved issue where dispatch notes could be saved from dispatch grid
  • Resolved issue where search for charter reservation ID returned no results
  • Resolved/Added additional details to change log 
  • Resolved issue with GEO Pricing and ability to auto-calculate changes on the reservation form
  • Resolved issue with web service user add and ability to set default password
  • Resolved issue where corporate deposits was not showing used deposits with balance zero

2023-05 :: Incremental Releases 

2023-05-25 (InVision v20.2023.0200.7)

  • Resolved minor issues for non-EN US date formats.
    • Updated dispatch search control to use local date format (top-center)
    • Resolved issue with blackout date check when changing date within a new/existing reservation
    • Resolved issue with date format displayed on reservation save prompt when confirming reservation details

2023-05-17 (InVision v20.2023.0200.6)

  • Updated Reservation Form Layout and Functionality

2023-03 :: Incremental Releases 

2023-03-29 (InVision v20.2023.0200.5)

  • Resolved assign driver issue when local machine is using a non-US locale (i.e. AUS)

2023-03-20 (InVision v20.2023.0200.4) ** Charter Updates

  • Resolved display issue in Charter Grid causing all rows not to be shown

2023-03-14 (InVision v20.2023.0200.3) ** Charter Updates 

  • Added additional Charter Status update logic when updating a Charter Status directly
    • Setting the status on a charter will update all underlying legs under the following conditions:
      • Quoted -> legs updated if all are < Driver Scheduled
      • Booked-> legs updated if all are < Driver Scheduled
      • Trip Confirmed -> legs updated if all are < Driver Scheduled
      • Cancelled -> legs updated if all are < Driver Scheduled
    • Charter Status not supports a "Dispatched status" in addition to following conditions:
      • Charter status is Quoted -> If all legs are quoted
      • Charter status is Booked -> If all legs are Booked
      • Charter status is Trip Confirmed -> If all legs are Trip Confirmed
      • Charter status is Cancelled -> If all legs are Cancelled
      • Charter status is Completed-> If all legs are Cancelled, No Show or Dropped
      • Charter status is Dispatched-> If ANY leg is active including Driver Scheduled, Driver Assigned, En-route, On Location or On Board

2023-03-03 (InVision v20.2023.0200.2) * Charter Updates

  • Added support for copying individual legs to a charter
  • Added support for Charter-level supporting documents (similar to standard reservations)
  • Fixed Issue with Charter quotes where an error would be displayed and not quote generated if traffic estimates were not available from the GEO provider.
  • Fixed Issue with Invalid Data String being displayed when additional stop did not have a date time value.
  • Fixed Issue where autocomplete of a charter address was not setting address Business name/landmark correctly.
  • Fixed Issue where adding back to back legs were persisting the previous stops information by default.
  • Fixed issue where Passenger Name selection persisted when adding additional stops back to back

2023-02-27 :: 2023 Q1 Platform Release

2023-02-27 (InVision v20.2023.0200.1) * Platform and Others

  • Includes all Platform updates (all clients across all applications) noted here
  • Added sort to Region drop-down on affiliate connect list
  • Added new Customer, Corporate, Default setting for displaying percentage on Tax Items
  • Fixed some email/SMS content inconsistencies where subject/body was not the same in InVision as when sent in Ultimate
  • Fixed issue where Trip Type was not defaulted correctly on new reservations
  • Fixed Issue where sending affiliate connect requests would fail
  • Fixed Issue where a manual flight check would fail when no flight # was set
  • Fixed Issue where airline was required when executing a flight check, which is not applicable for FBOs and causes issue.
  • Fixed issue where address latitude/longitude was not set correctly when saving reservation. This is relied upon by API subscribers.
  • Fixed API issue where updates to reservations did not trigger update flag logic to ensure they showed in Internet Reservations updates list.
  • Fixed API issue where estimated end-time was not set automatically when API subscriber failed to update value.

2023-01-04 :: Incremental Releases

2023-02-02 (InVision v20.2022.1000.7)

  • Added multi-status update support on dispatch screen
    • Select multiple rows using shift or ctrl click
    • Hold Ctrl and Right-click on Status drop-down (twice on some browsers)
    • Select Status to update
  • Added Customer Profile address selection on reservation form (click on passenger icon next to address 1)
  • Added a Vehicle Type filter to Dispatch Calendar View
  • Fixed issue where Finalize -> Return To Dispatch hung loader screen
  • Fixed issue with saving Default Invoice Message setting
  • Fixed issue with displaying/saving current Portal Profile lead time settings

2023-01-04 (InVision v20.2022.1000.6)

  • Added the ability to manage Customer-level discounts in InVision (missing platform feature)
  • Added the ability to add 'Trip Summary' to SMS messaging on the Send SMS form.
  • Added the lookup of reservation details when creating a new Incident
  • Added summary ribbon at top of reservation form (bottom of header) showing current status, who created the reservation, and when it was created.
  • Added alphabetic sort to Reservation pricing Point to Point drop-down list
  • Added the ability to lookup Airline/Airport and include in Drop-off notes for arrivals (supporting airport transfers)
  • Resolved issue in Reports (Reports tab) where operator-specific pricing data was not being shown.
  • Resolved display issue when enabling Dispatch Calendar view and moving back and forth different tabs.
  • Resolved issue where email address was always required for new customers on new reservations (normalized with Ultimate)
  • Resolved issue where custom Trip Types were not showing on when selecting Trip Type on the Reservation form.
  • Resolved issue where tax rate was not properly calculating line-item totals when fractions of a percent were used.
  • Resolved issue where an internal/cryptic message was shown when deleting a reservation containing related items (i.e. incidents) with no feedback on the item that was related.

2022-11-06 :: Incremental Releases (minor issues resolved)

2022-11-23 (InVision v20.2022.1000.5)

  • Resolved issue in Reservation Pricing Display where minimum hours greater than estimated hours was sometimes not updating line item total for greater minimum amount.
  • Resolved issue with incorrect username displayed in Change Log for web service, Driver App users.
  • Resolved issue where default Charter settings were not being set for new customers.
  • Resolved issue where Charter Digital Signing Requests were not being sent correctly.
  • Resolved issue with Dispatch Date | Time sort not sorting correctly
  • Resolved issue where GEO line-item display name was not displayed as configured on the reservation pricing panel
  • Resolved issue where Charter Global Settings description was not displaying correct values
  • Resolved issue where Customer Portal Profile default pricing values were not loaded properly
  • Resolved issue where GEO quote was returning rate as total amount instead of underlying rate

2022-11-15 (InVision v20.2022.1000.4)

  • Resolved issue where once the Dispatch Calendar view was enabled, there was no effective way to toggle it back

2022-11-06 (InVision v20.2022.1000.3)

  • Dispatch Calendar view: A new view is available that shows reservation on a month, weekly and daily calendar. These views are most useful for operations with a lower number of reservations per day.
    • Accessible via dispatch option button, top-right of dispatch grid.

  • Mobile Status Assign support: Added ability to assign status in mobile dispatch view.
  • Mobile Vehicle Assign support: Added ability to assign a Driver in mobile dispatch view. 
  • Mobile Driver Assign support: Added ability to assign a vehicle in mobile dispatch view. 
  • Resolved issue where reservations from online customer portal were not returning rates when pricing or vehicle type is changed.
  • Removed extra text above ordered by on reservation form
  • Minor verbiage change on flight verification
  • Server errors are now shown as an error "toast" message in UI instead of no message; for better troubleshooting and feedback of an issue.
  • Removed use of Ultimate departure setting when updating scheduled pick-up based on flight validation. Going forward, departure date will never be automatically updated based on flight verification.

2022-11-06 :: 2022 Q4 Platform Release 

2022-10 Additional InVision Updates  (InVision v20.2022.1000.1)

  • Resolved issue where passenger phone number was not saving correctly in stops area
  • Resolved issue with price update/feedback in billing finalize header was not correctly shown
  • Resolved issue where pricing tax rate change was not saved correctly from finalize area
  • Resolved issue where Send Customer Portal link included an invalid link in customer email
  • Resolved issue where user could not save reservation if Ordered By required enabled and customers with not contacts available.

2022-08-05 :: Incremental Releases (minor issues resolved)

2022-10-20 (InVision v.0700.14)

  • Resolved bag # not showing in reservation summary on dispatch screen
  • Minor data update to default NULL date on change log from value
  • Resolved issue where calendar popup displaying off screen for calendar availability
  • Resolved issue with departure date not defaulting to scheduled pickup (on selection only)
  • Resolved issue with email invoice always sending detailed invoice even though condensed option selected
  • Resolved issue where mobile Add Reservation view was showing extra tab navigation, effectively hiding ability to create reservation.
  • Resolved issue with large employee list causing local storage limitations (greater than 3500 employees)
  • Minor updates to help links

2022-09-26 (InVision v.0700.13)

  • Resolved issue with default login paths and intendent logins

2022-09-16 (InVision v.0700.12)

  • Resolved issue where invalid arrival date caused rates not to be returned
  • Resolved issue where pay was not generated automatically when creating an invoice unless user clicked pay tab in billing
  • Added support for composite charter status to include Driver Assigned and Driver Confirmed in Charter management

2022-09-09 (InVision v.0700.11)

  • Resolved issue with commission agent pay fields from reservation form

2022-09-07 (InVision v.0700.10)

  • Resolved issue where Subsequent vehicle type selection caused issue in rates request
  • Resolved departure trip not matching P2P correctly
  • Resolved Pay report date range issue (not including full end date
  • Added new segment options on dispatch menu
  • Reorganized Add Adjustment and Apply Deposit to Invoices menu in billing
  • Resolved UI issue with Calendar popup hidden off screen

2022-08-29 (InVision v.0700.9)

  • Updated Ordered By dropdown logic, aligns with Ultimate
  • Added ability to change customer on reservation form
  • Resolved some caching issue where new pricing records not visible until after login
  • Resolved issue where some deposits could not be applied in billing

2022-08-19 (InVision v.0700.8)

  • Resolved issue with rate matches and departures P2P

2022-08-15 (InVision v.0700.7)

  • Resolved issue sending Employee Pay report in wages
  • Added Vehicle conflict highlighting on dispatch
  • Reconfigured communications queue menu options
  • Resolved date sort issue in communications queue
  • Resolved issue where reservation form stops tooltip showed incorrect value
  • Resolved issue where email send status caused error if multiple errors were present
  • Resolved issue where stops were not ordered properly on save

2022-08-10 (InVision v.0700.6)

  • Added deposit total to dispatch grid
  • Added vehicle/driver to mobile dispatch list
  • Resolved issue with invoice date when building from assemble tab

2022-08-07 (InVision Login)

  • Resolved intermittent failure in change password process
  • Resolved issue where Credit Card privileged view could not be authorized

2022-08-05 (InVision v.0700.2-5)

  • Resolved issue where arrival date was flipping to next day if checked within local users UTC time zone hours difference
  • Resolved issue with invalid tax calculation for applied to line items

2022-07-14 :: 2022 Q2 Platform Release (InVision v20.2022.0700.1)

InVision now includes all functionality from the June Platform release (across all FASTTRAK applications)

  • New Platform Functionality
    • Support Documents: The ability to add/edit file-based documents specific to a reservation. See Documents button on Reservation Trip Detail tab,
    • New Receipt and Deposit Types: Added additional options for receipts and deposit types.
    • New Quote Reminder Options: Added the ability to configure quote reminders to automatically be sent within a specific timeframe.
    • New Pricing Fixed Charge Override Options: Added the ability to override Fixed Charge Item rates at the P2P/Zone level.
    • New SMS Character/Segment Size feedback
    • New Settings to show Pick-up/Drop-Off on Detailed Invoice.
  • Minor fixes/additions
    • Resolved: Formatting dates in 24-hour time did not allow edit from dispatch screen.
    • Resolved: Additional charges were not persisted when editing a reservation.
    • Resolved: Error message when Adding a License to a vehicle
    • Resolved: Email of Quote did not show/default the proper email addresses
    • Resolved: Issue were email was sent to passenger when a reservation was updated but no status was changed.
    • Added: Dispatch settings including highlight status color are persisted across sessions and applications
    • Added: Label to Pricing and Point to Point dropdowns to designate Match (better support for Safari/Mac browser)
    • Added: Update of flight information when checking from reservation form. Previously, when viewed it was shown on screen but did not update the value on dispatch.
    • Added: Email status from external third-party were added to email queue; i.e. Delivered, Bounced, Marked as Spam, etc..
    • Added: Quality rating value on driver selection list when assigning driver on dispatch.
    • Changed: The default zone is now selected if matched in a reservation.
    • Changed: Re-labeled send buttons on Confirmation send after creating reservation, to avoid confusion.
    • Changed: InVision will now update reservation times automatically when editing outside from reservation form (i.e. dispatch grid)
    • Changed: InVision will now default the notes field from the selected passenger when adding an additional stop.
    • Changed: When selecting Ordered BY on reservation form, InVision will now select Cell # first and Phone # second (if cell# not set) from Ordered by Contact.
    • Changed: Company now required when manually adding an Employee Pay item; aligns with Ultimate desktop.

2022-05-09 :: Incremental + Minor Fixes

  • Minor fixes
    • Global Search: Updated to search reservations both past and present instead of future only.
    • Reservation Form: Pricing will no longer select matched Point to point option. Instead, the matched option (is any) will be highlighted in the UI and the user must select. By default, no selection will use hourly rate option. 
    • Reservation Form:  Arrival time should default to default/updated estimated pick-up time.
    • Reservation Form:  Clicking off airport, airline, connecting dropdown was not selecting option correctly
    • Pricing/Geo: Save of base rate option in vehicle rulesets was not persisted on save
    • Charters: Saving a new charter (and child leg reservations) was not setting reservation origin correctly (impacts reporting)
    • Vehicle Types Management: Allow internet reservations was showing in the UI and saving in reverse

2022-04-28 :: Minor Enhancements + Minor Fixes

  • Minor additions/fixes
    • Resolved issue on Point to Point update not allowing changes to Rate value
    • Resolved Profile Pricing Override display issue which hid Profile-specific Fixed Charge and Variable Fee item grids on small screens.
    • Resolved issue on Profile Pricing Override  showing overrides that did not exist
    • Change Profile Pricing Override menu option from 'Delete' to 'Delete Override' for clarity
    • Resolved Export to Excel issue for Profile Pricing Override grids
    • Minor menu styling updates for readability on small screens
    • Minor small screen layout updates in pricing section

2022-04-27 :: Profile Pricing Override Support + Minor Fixes

  • New features
    • Profile-level Pricing Override support
    • Added Occasional Driver support for employees (includes no-employee drivers in assignment lists)
    • Added manual Recalculate Driver Pay button in billing Driver pay tab
    • Added driver name, phone to tooltip on dispatch driver column
  • Minor additions/fixes
    • Finalize times not saving correctly when updated on Billing => Finalize => Details tab
    • In billing, fixed issue with finalize header and tabs where totals were not updated based on UI updated values
    • Phone number was not displaying correctly in dispatch, expanded reservation detail, driver icon
    • Minor change to flight settings in support of FlightView
    • Fixed minor recalculate issue when updating base rate where UI was not updated with new price totals

2022-04-25 :: Maintenance Analysis Report Support + Minor Fixes

  • New features
    • Maintenance analysis report
    • GDPR Cookies Accept/Confirm messaging
    • Release notes available from Systems Menu (bottom left)
  • Minor additions/fixes
    • Better handling of non-US Date/Time formats
    • Web Service Reservation updates will respect settings when sending OP email notification
    • Autocomplete issue when adding additional stops/addresses

2022-04-18 :: Vehicle Maintenance Release + Others

  • Integrated Vehicle Maintenance Support
    • Scheduled repeating maintenance
    • Skip, Complete scheduled maintenance
    • Add ad-hoc future maintenance (not associated with repeating definition)
    • Vehicle costs form Billing now integrated with Scheduled Maintenance
    • Maintenance Analysis TBD (w/in two weeks)
  • Many update/fixes to support mobile UI (Android, IOS)
  • Support for non-US Date/Time formats
  • Copy Charter support
  • Additional columns on finalize grid for vehicle
  • Added filter to change log
  • Many minor bug fixes and enhancements