Audience: CEO/Owner, General Manager
Read Time: 15 Minutes

This article describes Carey CSI Integration steps for use within the FASTTRAK Ultimate Desktop software.

If you have not reviewed the Carey general Overview, please do that before continuing. You can review that guide by click here.

Carey Service User Setup in FASTTRAK

1) Create a “Carey Catchall” Customer Profile within FASTTRAK.

  • This will be a normal customer profile that catches all Carey reservations.
  • This profile will also define the default pricing to be used when calculating price within the FASTTRAK software.

2) Log into your FASTTRAK database and access System Settings from the main menu.

  • Menu > System, Company & User Setup > System Global Settings
  • Click on the Web Services & eAffiliate Tab
  • Click on Web Service User & GPS Setup
  • Click on the Carey CSI Tab
  • Click on the Setup Carey CSI Customer button


3) Select the CareyCSI Catch-All customer profile you created in an earlier step.


  • Click the OK button.

4) Enter the Carey Service Provider ID as provided by Carey Support

5) Copy the Carey API Key and provide to Carey during Carey setup.



Setup is complete in FASTTRAK. Once Carey setup is complete, reservations created within Carey will be routed to the Carey CSI Catch-All customer profile.