Audience: CEO/Owner, Reservationist, Dispatcher, Back-office Staff supporting transition
Read Time: 10 Minutes



The first Step in preparing to transition data in a new cloud platform is to sequence it correctly so that staff will have the data available when needed for pricing or creating future orders.


The suggested order of collecting and loading data is as follows:

  1. Client Data and related billing profiles
  2. Employees, Staff and commissioned Agents (generally now but could be later)
  3. Modify your Airport list for your Area (U.S. Airports added by default)
  4. Complete List Items needed for ease of adding customer or corporate billing profiles & Reservation selections
  5. Create and Enter Service area (Zones/Zips) for pricing
  6.  Enter Pricing schedules by class of vehicle for your organization
    1. Hourly rates 
    2. Point to point pricing zones
    3. Time and distance pricing zones (if using)

I Client Data

  1.       Allow FASTTRAK personnel to import your Client, Driver and Vehicle Data
    1.   If your current software permits an export of your client data in csv (excel) format for each of the items in (a) above, use the attached files and forward them back to and a ticket will will be created to import those files into your private database in our cloud servers nearest you.
    2. Client data import rules:

II.  Employee Data Import

  1. Employee and affiliate data import rules
    1. Employee

                2. Affiliate

III. Airports, Airlines  and Miscellaneous data

                    4.  Airline   (Global airlines are added by default)

   IV.   List values and Venue data

                       Venue data imports has been mostly obsoleted by google search availability within the application.


After providing the above information to our support Desk, the information will be inserted into our import format and returned for review.  Once you are happy with the files, provide an approval via email and the help desk operator will import your information.

V.  Entering Zone Pricing

 No import exists for transitioning pricing for point to point zones, hourly rates or time/distance GEO pricing tables.   These prices need to be input manually.  Generally, by creating a default plan that can be used by all customer profiles as the default plan or other created custom plans that can also be selected within the customer or Corporate billing profiles.


Menu Link

Creating Zones and service areas

Hourly, Point to Point, and time-distance Geo PRICING