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The InVision Document Center allows a user to customize and send a variety of document reports to end customers, corporate contacts and drivers. 

These documents include:

  • Booking Confirmations
  • Trip Tickets (includes blank)
  • Time and Charges Request
  • Printable Greet Signs
  • Trip Manifests
  • Dispatch Manifests
  • Trip Invoice Estimates

The Document Center is accessible from the left-navigation menu within InVision. 

Security Note: The Document Center is only accessible by users that have
Reservation Access :: View Dispatch/Reservations permission enabled in their assigned security role.

Once loaded, the document center will show a list of Reservations within your system.

You can search and refine the list of reservations by changing the Booked Reservations/Quotes options, or select a different date range to display.

Once you have found the reservation(s) you want to work with, select the reservation(s) from the list and choose the document to generate from the bottom section. Depending on the Document Type you select, you may be presented with additional report customization options to further tailor the document output.

Advanced Usage Note: You can select multiple documents from the list to be generated. In this case, both reports will be contained within a single PDF document.

When you have the reservation(s) documents selected and the appropriate customization options set, you can choose wither the View or Send option. 

Note: Not all document type allow the send operation; specifically dispatch manifest and greet sign. If you need to send these, you will first need to view the PDF document, save locally, then attach to a new email and send manually to the required recipients.

View Document opens the PDF in your browser to view. From there, you can review and/or download the documents to you local machine via the save controls within the browser window (top-right menus)

Send Document opens the send document form which allows you to set specify details for the send operation. Select one or more recipients from the list by checking the corresponding checkbox. Otherwise, you can manually enter an email address to send to by checking the manual box and entering one or more comma delimited email addresses in the textbox.

You have the option to include an additional message to the recipient by adding text to the Message Body textbox.

You may also include a pre-defined attachment to the email by selecting it from the attachments list (see System Setup :: Email Attachments for more information on setup and selection of attachments).

When you click send, the email request is generated and usually sent to the recipient within a few seconds. If necessary, you can confirm send of the email by reviewing Email Queue under the Operations menu.