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This document will describe the updates to the FASTTRAK Carey Integration on an ongoing basis. 

Note: The Carey integration guide has been updated with known concerns and expectations as FASTTRAK operators (scroll to concerns section) . Please review these concerns and educate staff on proper processes and expectations. As always, if you have any questions, please contact

2023 August Update (available 2023/08/28)

Changes to the way estimated drop-off and estimated hours is calculated

  • Previously: See previous update
  • New:
    • Note: Carey does NOT always include end time or duration in the incoming trip detail.
    • If Carey includes duration or end time, it will be used to define duration of trip.
      • Special matched Zone pricing rules
        • If the matched FT zone pricing has a higher duration, the FT matched zone duration from FASTTRAK will be used and the trip will be marked as a Flat Rate.
        • If the matched FT Zone pricing has a lower duration, the Carey duration from the trip request will be used AND the trip will be marked as an Hourly Rate.

2022 April Update (available 2022/04/14)

1) Changes to the way estimated drop-off and estimated hours is calculated

  • Previously: Estimated hours and end time remained empty if not set by Carey (most reservations)
  • New:
    • New reservations will leverage target pricing to set default estimated hours and estimated end time
    • Updated reservations will leverage same logic if not set previously
    • Always: If Carey provides an end time, the integration will use that value instead of pricing defaults
  • Note: Carey is working on a different approach for estimated end time, tentatively scheduled for  7/2022.

2) Trip status is no longer set to Booked when a reservation update occurs.

  • Instead, the current status, driver, etc. will always remain
  • The only status change form Carey will be in support of the cancelled status

3) New Carey reservation were failing if no drop-off address was specified.

  • These will not be entered into FASTTRAK without a drop-off address
  • A validation message in email and affiliate notes will be included when this occurs.

4) Additional information added to FASTTRAK New/Updated Carey reservation email

  • Summarizes any mapping, validation, pricing or day of dispatch for quick review
  • Details continue to be contained within email and reservation => affiliate notes within FASTTRAK

5) Departure airport was sometimes not being mapped correctly. This has been corrected.

6) Flight Departure time was not being set correctly on create of new reservation. This has been corrected. 

7) Target customer defaults for Collection Method will be used instead of defaulting based on Carey values.

8) FASTTRAK Change Log showed changes for some fields even though no change was made form Carey; pickupStreet2, dropoffStreet2, tripReminderEmailAddress. These will no longer show changes unless changed by Carey.