This guide will provide an overview of how to create invoices for your Customers in InVision.  Description includes:  Single Reservation per Invoice, Multi-Reservation per Invoice and single step Create and Pay.

Creating Invoices:

The first step is to FINALIZE the reservations.  In the BILLING area on the FINALIZE tab click on the GET COMPLETED option.  This will pull all reservations that are completed (Dropped, No Show or Cancelled) into the FINALIZE area.  By pulling them into the FINALIZE area the dispatch area will no longer be able to make any changes to the reservation, they may be returned to Dispatch by using the RETURN TO DISPATCH option in the three dot menu to the right.  

The menu on the right also allows you to: 

  • Exclude from Billing:  This is used only if you have decided the reservation will not be invoiced or any monies collected.  Usually an operational error such as a Late Driver or other occurrence that might cause you to comp the job.  Cancellations within your cancellation period may also be excluded.
  • Return to Dispatch:  This option returns control to the Dispatch area to allow them to update or change details about the reservation. 
  • Move to Assemble:  Moves the reservation to the ASSEMBLE area to later be invoiced as a single or multi reservation invoice.  Using this option will auto calculate all pay rates and assume the numbers in the reservation are correct.  Most users will use the Double Click to review amounts prior to invoicing or moving to Assemble.
  • Edit Reservation:  Opens the reservation and allows editing all details.
  • View Customer:  Opens the Customer Profile.
  • View Change Log:  Opens the Change log for the selected reservation to see all changes.       

You are also able to view and email all documents for the selected reservation.

To Finalize the reservation double click on it.  In the lower half of the screen you will see four tabs:  DETAILS, PRICING. DRIVER PAY and DEPOSITS.  Each of these should be reviewed prior to proceeding to making an invoice or paying the final amount due to the reservation.

After all tabs have been verified or corrected the reservation can now be Invoiced as a single reservation, moved to Assemble to be added to a multi reservation invoice or paid and invoiced in one step.  

  • Invoice as Single Reservation:  Use the CREATE INVOICE  or CREATE INVOICE AND EMAIL option.   
  • Move to Assemble:  Select the MOVE TO ASSEMBLE and the reservation will move to the ASSEMBLE tab to be invoiced later.
  • Paid and Invoiced in one step:  If the Deposits equal the amount of the reservation there will be a zero balance due.  You may also add additional payments by clicking on the Deposits tab and using the ADD option in that window.  If the balance is Zero, using the Create Invoice option will create a paid invoice with no other actions needed.

Using the ASSEMBLE (Multi Reservation Invoice) area:

   In the ASSEMBLE tab you will see reservations that have been moved form FINALIZE.   Using the drop down list you can select the Customer you want to invoice.  This will present you will all reservations for the selected Customer that have been sent to Assemble.

After selecting the Customer profile you will be able to take action on them.  

  • View Customer:  Opens Customer profile.
  • Append to Existing Invoice:  Allows you to add this reservation to an invoice that has previously been created.  Usually used when a reservation was missed and you need to add it to the existing invoice or a mistake was made and the reservation was removed from the invoice to be corrected.
  • Move Back To Finalize:  Allows you to return it to Finalize to be corrected or adjusted.
  • Add to Invoice:  Moves the reservation to lower window where you can place all the reservations to be added to the invoice.
  • Start Over:  Removes all reservations form lower window allowing you to start over.
  • Move Selected:  Using your shift key or control key you are able to multi select reservations to move to lower window.  
  • Move All:  Moves all to lower window.

After all reservations to be placed on the invoice have been moved to lower window the invoice can be created:


After the invoice has been created it will be found in the INVOICES tab.