Audience: Reservationist, Dispatcher
Read Time: 10 Minutes



This guide will provide an overview of the InVision reservation form and the various options when building a reservation.


Click here for the Companion Video Walkthrough. (Coming Soon)

Add Reservation Options

There are multiple ways to start the new reservation workflow. The primary option is form the Dispatch tab at the top of the trip list.

Additionally, the Add Reservation options is available from the following areas:

  • Global Search Result for Reservation & Customer (3-dot row menu)
  • Copy Reservation and Repeat Reservation options in dispatch list (3-dot row menu) 
  • From the Customer Profile row menu (3-dot row menu)
  • New Segment menu option within Reservation Form (top-right menu)

Advanced Usage Note: You can default the Travel Type selection (Ground, Arrival or Departure) by selecting the drop-down menu option on the Add Reservation button.

Travel Type Selection - [Information Tab]

When starting new reservation, you will be asked to select a Reservation Type; Ground, Arrival or Departure.

Travel Type selection (Ground, Arrival and Departure) designates whether the pick-up or drop-off will be at an airport or FBO location. When selecting Arrival or Departure, the reservation form will update showing Airport and Airline options instead of a single address box. Additionally, selecting the Arrival or Departure option allows the user to perform flight verification via the Flight View integration.

Customer Profile Selection - [Information Tab]

After Travel Type selection, you will be asked to select the Customer Profile for the reservation. You can type any identifying information in the search box and the form will update allowing for profile selection. If necessary, you can choose the New Customer option to build a reservation with a new Customer Profile.

New Customer Option

When selecting the New Customer option, the system will default the form based on default Profile Settings (available within the System Settings module). Of course, these values can be changed as necessary to support the New Customer. 

The following Reservation fields are Required when adding a New Customer:

  • Phone Number: Becomes New Customer default phone
  • Passenger Name: Becomes New Customer profile name
  • Email Address: Becomes New Customer email address

For existing customer profiles, default reservation values will be populated automatically in the form. This includes default pricing, addresses, credit cards, etc. Of course, these values can be changed specifically for each reservation as necessary.

Scheduled Pick-up and Estimated End Time :: [Information Tab]

The final selection prompted on new reservations is the pick-up and drop-off times. These values are arbitrarily defaulted based on the current date and time. You can modify these times using the date options on the form.

Advanced Usage Note: If the Pick-up time is in a different Time Zone than your Company location, you can select a remote Time Zone using the Set Remote Time Zone option in the form. This will update InVision to show Remote times instead of local times for reservations.

General Trip Information - [Information Tab]

After setting the required information for the reservation, you will use the tabbed form to quickly show trip details and modify various aspects of the reservation.

The Blue header section at the top automatically updates as form values are changed. This allows you to bypass tabs that are not necessary to review. Please note: "secondary" tabs are not available until the reservation is saved. You will be prompted to save when selecting these tabs; these include Deposits, Notes, Flight Info, Future and Segments. More information on these tabs is available at the end of this document.

All lookup fields support auto-complete. Simply type one or more characters and the form will present you will options to complete the form. These include profile passengers, airlines, airports, and google lookup of addresses.

Note: If you are subscribed to flight verification services airport pick-up or drop-off flight verification is available using the flight icon.

Pricing Tab

The Pricing Tab allows you to set vehicle and pricing options, as well as credit card and billing collection options. 

The pricing will default using the selection customer profile from the Information tab. However, you can change the default selection as necessary to support the trip requirements. 

Advanced Usage Note: Pricing is highly configurable. Although not required, it is highly recommended to setup your pricing ahead of time so you can save time on the reservation form. There are a wide variety of configuration options for pricing, including:
  • Hourly Pricing Rates (including minimums, etc.)
  • Point-to-Point/Zone Flat Rates (auto-selected via Postal or City names)
  • GEO Distance and Duration Pricing (rule-based using trip characteristics)
  • Additional "zone-specific" Charge Items
  • Fixed Charge Items
  • Variable Rate Items (% of base rate, etc.)
  • Tax Rates (% of base, etc. with location specific rates)

See our pricing Setup and Advanced Pricing Setup sections for full details on configuring your Pricing.

In general, you will first do the following:

  • Selecting the Pricing Plan (red box)
  • Select the Vehicle Type (red box)
  • Select a specific Point-to-Point rate (if applicable)

Once the appropriate plan has been selected, you can do the following:

  • Modify base and additional rates
  • Modify percentages of variable rates
  • Select tax rates (if not selected automatically via Tax Rate/Zone configuration)
  • Add remove rate line-items

Additionally, collection terms can be modified from the default settings by using the Collection Type and Method dropdowns. If Credit-Card type is selected, a Credit Card will be required to save the reservation.

Keep in mind, pricing totals and pricing details are available within the header when selecting other tabs. 

Important Note: Base rate "estimated" duration (Est) on the pricing Base Rate is linked to estimated end-time on the Trip Information tab. Changing one value will automatically change the other value. Both values can be seen in the header regardless of what tab you are viewing currently.

Trip Details Tab

The Trip Details tab allows you to set ordered by, communication and trip category information. Each of these datasets is used in different way, summarized below:

Communication Information

  • Passenger Name: Conformation and Invoice display, Driver-Facing Information
  • Passenger Phone, Email: Used for trip communication, pre-trip alerts, etc.
  • Ordered By/Phone: Secondary trip communication and corporate profile contact designation
  • Special Handling/VIP: Additional highlights on trip lists and communication forms
  • Trip Notes: Generally used/displayed for internal notes; communication, confirmations, etc.
  • Preferences: Generally used/displayed for internal/external notes; communication, confirmations, driver apps
  • Affiliate Notes: Generally used/displayed for communication with external affiliates when farmed in/out.
  • Booking Source, Boking Category, Trip Category, Trip Type: Category fields for reporting, informational

Advanced Usage Note: Most fields on this form can be defaults via customization, both in the related Customer/Corporate Profile, or in default profile settings in System Settings.

Additionally, pick-lists can be updated to include operator specific values using list management setup and configuration.

See our Profile Settings Management section for more details.

See our List Management section for more details.

Reservation Save Prompt

When saving the reservation, any additional validation as required/configured in System Settings will generate a prompt that must be confirmed before saving. You can confirm individual validations by clicking the message. Doing so will turn it green. Once all have been clicked, you will be able to save the form.

Keep in mind, most of these validations can be disabled/enabled using System Settings. This allows the operator to enforce consistency in data and limit issues within invalid and incomplete information within a reservation.

Reservation Confirmations

In general, confirmations are NOT sent automatically. Instead, the user will be presented with the Send Confirmation form after saving the reservation, allowing the user to configure optional settings for sending the confirmation. Email addresses will be selected by default or made available for selection based on profile settings. Once the necessary options have been set, including secondary attachments to be sent, you will click the Send option to send the confirmation.

Additional/Secondary Reservation Tabs (after save)

Once the reservation has been saved, you will have the option to browse secondary tabs for additional information.


Allows you to add or edit deposits specific to this reservation.

Note: Profile deposits will NOT be shown here. Only deposits taken for this reservation will be shown within the reservation form.


The notes tab allows you to add one or more secondary notes for this reservation. Additionally, the form allows entry of Dispatch and Driver notes. Dispatch notes can be displayed on the InVision dispatch list and Driver Notes can be displayed in the FASTTRAK Driver App.

Note: These notes are ALWAYS internal and never displayed to customer. 

Flight Info

If the Reservation Travel Type is Arrival or Departure, the Flight Info tab will be available for selection. When the flight is active, this tab will have additional flight information for the given flight including flight map, estimated times, weather, etc.


The Future tab shows a list of future reservation for the customer.


The Segments tab shows a list of additional segments associated with this reservation. Keep in mind, the reservation must be part of a segmented reservation to show segments in the list. You can choose to create additional segmented reservations directly from t his form using the Add Segment option.

Advanced Usage Note: 

See our Related Reservation Together module for additional information on Segments and relating reservation together.


The Incidents tab allows you to add Incident records to a reservation. Incidents can be used to track a variety of circumstances as needed to support your business. These include driver interactions, accidents, etc. These incidents can be searched and exported via the Incident module under the Operations menu.