Audience: Owner/CEO, General Manager, Operations 
Read Time: 15 Minutes

This guide will provide an overview of the Affiliate and Agent section in InVision.

Companion Video = Affiliates and Commission Agents

To enter your Affiliates and Agents, go to the EMPLOYEE, AFFILIATES and AGENTS section located in the OPERATIONS 


This area will have the list of all the Affiliates and Agents displayed on the respective tabs.  To ADD, Edit or Delete an existing Affiliate, select the AFFILIATE tab.  To ADD an affiliate click on the ADD AFFILIATE option.  You can also set up eAffiliates to send a receive reservations electronically within the InVision program.  This area is addressed in more detail in the ELECTRONIC AFFILIATE section.

The four main tabs in the AFFILIATE profile are:

General Information:  Enter the Affiliate information in this tab.  This should include name, address and email address to send documents to the Affiliate.  If you are no longer using that Affiliate, check the option to mark as inactive.  This will retain their information but will not be visible when assigning drivers to reservations.  All other information is not required but recommended.  If the Affiliate is connected using one of the options in the drop down box this option must be selected in order to send reservations electronically to the Affiliate.

Settings:  This section (Affiliate (Farm Out) Confirmation Settings) controls what information is sent on the Farm Out confirmations as well as what is sent electronically.  You can also send an AFFILIATE TRIP LINK to teh affiliate company and their driver by selecting the option.  This link allows their driver to update the status using their phone.  

Vehicles:  You can enter a list of vehicle types the affiliate has and a base price.

Drivers:  Allows you to enter specific drivers who work for the Affiliate company and can then be assigned to the reservations allowing the sending of the Affiliate Trip Link as well as have info such as their cell#.

Agents are Commission Agents that may be assigned to  Customer profile or to individual reservations.  These are agents who you would be paying a commission or flat fee for all reservations they are attached to.  Assigning Commission Agents will be detailed in more detail in the articles for Reservations and Customer Set Up.  To ADD a new Commission Agent use the ADD COMMISSION AGENT option.  There is not a location in this area to set the amount of Commission, that is set when adding the Commission Agent to a Customer Profile or Reservation.