Audience: Owner/CEO, General Manager, Operations
Read Time: 15 Minutes


This guide will provide an overview of the Employee Setup section in InVision.

Companion Video - Employee Setup (drivers)

REMINDER:  Vehicle Types should be entered prior to proceeding to this section.

To enter your Drivers, go to the EMPLOYEE, AFFILIATES and AGENTS section located in the OPERATIONS section.

Operations Menu

This area will have the list of all the Employee/Drivers.  By default it will only display Employee/Drivers who have not been marked as Inactive in their profile.  To display all active and inactive Employee/Drivers select the option.  To enter a new driver use the ADD EMPLOYEE option.

The ADD EMPLOYEE window has three tabs: General, Pay Rates and Licenses.

GENERAL Tab requires First and Last Name.  It is recommended to add their email address and cell# so that they can use the FASTTRAK Driver APP and receive emails and SMS messages using the messaging features.  Uploading a picture of the driver allows the picture to be sent to the passenger in status updates.

PAY RATES Tab is not required but should be used if using the program to calculate pay and use the pay reporting to email or print out employee pay reports.  There are various pay types and pay calculation methods to choose from.  For a more detailed article refer to the EMPLOYEE PAY article.  

LICENSES Tab is used to add license and reminders for the employee.  These license types are entered in LIST MANAGEMENT.  To add a license use the ADD LICENSE option.