Audience: Owner/CEO, General Manager, Operations
Read Time: 15 Minutes

This guide will provide an overview of the Vehicle Type and Vehicle Setup section in InVision.

Companion Video - Vehicles and Vehicle Types

These areas should be completed prior to entering Drivers, Customers and Pricing

Operations Menu

To enter your Vehicle Types and your Vehicles, go to the VEHICLES AND TYPES located in the OPERATIONS section.



Prior to entering any actual vehicles the Vehicle Types need to be entered.  To add a new Vehicle Type select the ADD VEHICLE TYPE DEFINITION.  Add a Description (Sedan, Van, SUV etc).  Select a Color Key, this is a color that will be displayed on the Dispatch grid.  If the vehicle type will be offered for online reservations check the option to allow.  You may also select an image which will be displayed to your online customers.  After all vehicle types have been entered the actual vehicles may be entered.  NOTE:  You will want to add vehicle types for all types that you offer to customers.  Even if you do not have the actual type and rely on other companies to fill the reservation you will want to list those types.


AFTER the vehicle types have been entered you may enter the actual vehicles from your fleet.  To add a Vehicle select the ADD VEHICLE.  

General Tab:  Enter the Vehicle Name and using the drop down list select the Vehicle Type matching the vehicle.  You may enter the make and model and any additional information for the vehicle in this area.  NOTE:   Make, Model and License Number can be sent with status communications to passengers if those options are selected in the NOTIFICATIONS section in GLOBAL SETTINGS.

Licenses:  This section allows the user to assign various licenses and expiration dates to the vehicle.  If expiration dates are added the user will receive notifications of vehicles that require attention.  These items may include things such as:  Airport License, DOT Inspections etc.  These are items added under LIST MANAGEMENT.

Mileage Log:  This list is auto populated if miles are being entered either in Billing or by the Driver when using the Driver APP.   The list may also be manually updated directly from this area.

Maintenance Log:  The user may enter maintenance records and reminders as well as costs in this section.  Billing is also able to add to this list using the Maintenance cost option when closing the reservations.