Audience: CEO/Owner, General Manager
Read Time: 10 Minutes

This guide will provide an overview of the Company Setup section in InVision.  This will include editing or adding a New Company.   

Note:  Two Companies are included in your base price. Additional Companies will have an additional monthly fee.

Companion Video - Company Management

Located in the System Setup icon on the left navigation panel select the option for COMPANY SETUP.

From this area you will able to:  Edit your existing company information, ADD a new Company and ADD Alternate Contracts.

To EDIT your existing Company information you may either double click on your Company name or use the right navigation and select the EDIT option.


Using the EDIT or ADD feature will open the Company Information section.  This section will require COMPANY NAME and an email address (This is the email address that your Customers will reply to when you send them any document).


By selecting the PRIMARY COMPANY option all new Customers and Reservations will automatically use this company as a default.  Each Customer and Reservation has the ability to change the association to one of your alternate companies, if using.

Enter your address information (Required for GOOGLE mapping to bias to your location when doing autofill).  If you have a separate Physical and Correspondence Address you will need to enter info on both left and right and select the option for each address.  If your Physical and Correspondence Addresses are the same entering one address and checking both options is all that is needed.

You should also enter the information under the COMMUNICATION section to display on documents sent to your Customers.       

A Company Logo may be uploaded to display on your Confirmations, Trip Tickets and Invoices.


To electronically charge using the FASTTRAK InVision program you will need to enter the information on the Credit Card Processor tab.   First select the processor gateway you are using (PayPal PayFlowPro or For a list of our preferred partners you may email us at    


The Company Contracts area is used to enter the verbiage of your contracts to show on:  Trip Tickets, Confirmations, Quotations, Affiliate Driver Confirmations, Affiliate Customer Confirmations and Request for Time And Charges.  These areas are limited to a character count of 15000 characters.

You may also enter Alternate Contracts for different types of reservations such as:  Weddings, Wine Tours etc.  These may then be selected within the reservation to change the wording being sent on the documents.