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Your FASTTRAK subscription includes a variety of free support options.


Self-Service Knowledgebase

All support articles are available by visiting Here, you can search and find a wide variety of articles from general setup, critical workflow functionality and individual feature use deep dives.

For new customers, please see our Getting started article for details on the recommended setup for your new FASTTRAK database.

Paid On-site/Custom training (fees vary)

If necessary, you can request paid training sessions including on-site training when available. Custom training can be developed in a train-the-trainer format or for direct training to persons in your organization.

Contact for additional information on paid support and training opportunities.

Email Support (available during business hours)

Standard email support is available with your paid subscription or active trial. Email support is meant to serve FASTTRAK Operators and their administrators with both functional and technical issues within the FASTTRAK platform.

Please check the FASTTRAK Platform Status page for details on ongoing or pending platform issues prior to contacting support. Although rarely occurring, the status page is kept up to date with current outages impacting the FASTTRAK Platform.

FASTTRAK Feature Release Notes

When FASTTRAK releases new updates to the FASTTRAK Platform, operators are notified via email and/or system messages. However, the quickest way to see information regarding new features is to browse the Feature Release Notes on the FASTTRAK Helpdesk. Here you will find a list of recent releases including features, dates and links to articles describing new functionality.

Click here to browse the latest FASTTRAK Feature Release Notes.

FASTTRAK Webinars (more coming soon)

Periodically, FASTTRAK will invite operators to various webinars regarding both functional and industry related topics. New webinars will be scheduled throughout the year allowing operators to plan and schedule time to attend depending on the topic of interest. Regardless, webinars are recorded and provided for view at your convenience on YouTube via the FASTTRAK YouTube channel.

Click here to browse the FASTTRAK YouTube Channel and the latest webinars and support videos.

FASTTRAK Community Forum (coming soon)

Look for future updates discussing topics and discussion all about FASTTRAK and the Ground Transportation industry.